Understanding Available Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Florida

The Lee Viacava Law Firm represents injured Florida workers who need help seeking workers’ compensation benefits. Attorney Lee Viacava fights for the rights of injured workers. He has considerable experience dealing with insurance companies, and he will be a steadfast advocate for you throughout the duration of your case.

On this page is an overview of the types of benefits you may be able to claim after a workplace injury. There is no substitute for case-specific advice, however, so please contact the firm for answers to your questions.

Benefits Covering Or Reimbursing Medical Treatment

One of the most immediate benefits of workers’ compensation insurance is coverage of treatment related to your injury. Your employer’s insurance company should be covering all authorized expenses related to your care, including:

  • The costs of doctor visits and medical tests
  • In-patient hospital stays
  • Necessary treatments like physical therapy
  • Prescription drugs and necessary medical devices
  • Mileage reimbursement for trips to/from the doctor and to/from the pharmacy
  • Reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses (if they should have been covered but weren’t)

While it is very convenient to have your medical treatment expenses covered directly by the insurer, there are a couple of important caveats. First, you are not allowed to choose your own doctor. You need to go to one approved by the insurer (there are typically some allowable exceptions for emergency medical care). Second, you must comply with the treatment plan laid out by your physician. If you stop going to appointments or fail to follow care instructions, the insurer may stop covering treatment.

Benefits To Compensate For Lost Wages And Disability

When your on-the-job injury leaves you unable to work for more than a week, you are considered disabled. Your disability will be classified as total (meaning you can’t work at all) or partial (meaning you can return to work with restrictions). And though it may not be immediately clear, your disability status will eventually be classified as temporary or permanent.

The details of wage replacement are too lengthy to cover on this page, but here are some general rules:

  • The first seven days of lost wages are not compensated unless your disability lasts longer than 21 days.
  • Wage-loss benefits are a portion of your average weekly wage, not 100% coverage.
  • The length of time you receive benefits will depend on your medical status (how quickly you improve) and whether your disability is considered temporary or permanent.

Contact the firm for more case-specific information regarding your wage loss benefits.

Training And Assistance To Help Injured Workers Change Jobs

A workplace injury may leave you unable to do the job you previously performed but not entirely unable to work. In such cases, you may have access to training and resources to find a different job in the same field or a different field. These benefits are commonly called “vocational rehabilitation” or “reemployment services.”

Compensation To Surviving Family Members After A Fatal Work Accident

If you’ve lost a family member in a fatal workplace accident, you may be eligible for death-related benefits, including up to $7,500 for burial and funeral expenses. Dependents may be eligible for additional benefits as well.

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