How to protect your legal case after a car collision

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2022 | Personal Injury

Whether or not you sustained a major injury in a road collision, you must do everything possible to gather information and evidence. Make a thorough effort in order to support your case.

There is much to do from gathering facts and talking with the other driver and witnesses, but, most of all, seeking immediate medical attention if you need it. The steps you take after a crash are critical.

Get medical aid and document crash details

Here are some of the crucial steps that any driver should take after a road crash:

  • Determine if anyone sustained injuries and contact emergency responders: Call 911 if you, the other driver, passengers in either vehicle or bystanders are injured.
  • Seek medical attention: Remember, not all major injuries surface right away. Seemingly minor head, back and abdominal pain may represent a delayed injury symptom, potentially resulting in something serious. Go to a hospital’s emergency room or urgent care.
  • Obtain information on the other driver: This includes driver’s name and contact information, insurance company and policy number, driver’s license and license plate, type and description of vehicle. Avoid discussing details of the crash with the other driver.
  • Prepare careful narrative of accident: Collect documents on every matter related to the crash. Obtain a copy of the accident report, identities of law enforcement officers at the scene and all people involved in the collision, including passengers. Also get statements and contact information for witnesses and take photos of the accident scene and surrounding area.
  • Contact your insurer: File an accident report with your insurance provider soon after the collision. Let your agent know what happened. However, avoid talking with the other driver’s insurance company who may attempt to manipulate you into saying something that will harm your case, or even attempt to negotiate a lowball offer for settlement.

Protecting yourself after a crash is not only about protecting your health. You want to protect your legal case should you pursue court action.

Protect yourself and seek resolution

Enough problems often surface right after a road collision. You want to avoid any additional problems. That is why it is important to be proactive in protecting your health, yourself and your potential legal case, especially if injured. Document everything related to the incident. Such steady steps can only help you en route to a positive outcome.