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An injunction can protect you from someone and it can limit your rights if someone serves you with one. Whether you need to get an injunction against someone who poses a threat to you, or you have received notice you are being served an injunction from someone else, you need a skilled attorney.

The Lee Viacava Law Firm can help you with the challenges of obtaining or defending yourself from an injunction. Award-winning attorney Lee Viacava helps you personally with every step associated with an injunction, making sure to protect your rights along the way.

Injunctions: What You Need To Know

It is not always easy to understand injunctions; they can be very complicated. If you have questions, you can take a look at this brief section that answers some common questions about court-ordered injunctions in Florida.

What is an injunction?

An injunction, also sometimes called a restraining order, is a court order meant to protect one person from the actions of another.

How do you qualify for an injunction?

In our state, you may seek an injunction from the court for protection against stalking, domestic, dating, repeat and sexual violence. For example, you may ask the court for protection if you are a victim of domestic violence or if you believe that you may become a victim of domestic violence. Florida considers domestic violence any unlawful physical contact from a family member or household member.

What should you do if someone gets an injunction against you?

You need to contact an injunction lawyer immediately if you have been recently served with a temporary restraining order. Mr. Viacava will explain your options, let you know what to expect and can represent you at the upcoming hearing or additional criminal proceeding if necessary.

Do I really need a lawyer to handle an injunction?

A skilled criminal defense lawyer like Mr. Lee Viacava is absolutely critical when it comes to an injunction. If you are afraid of someone hurting you, your lawyer can make sure you have the best chance possible of getting an injunction against them. If you have been served an injunction, Mr. Viacava can protect you as well.

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