Your Career, Reputation And Freedom Are At Stake In Sex Crime Cases

Nothing can ruin your life faster than sex crime charges. In fact, simply being arrested for or accused of a sex crime may change the way people see you and treat you. You cannot afford to risk everything by trying to handle the case yourself. You need a lawyer who will protect your rights.

Attorney Lee Viacava has more than 17 years of experience defending people in the Fort Myers, Naples and Cape Coral areas. Clients rely on his knowledge of the law and his commitment to his clients. He will fight relentlessly to ensure that you are not charged, or overcharged, with a crime you did not commit. Contact him today to learn how he may help you in this difficult time.

Experienced And Prepared To Defend You

Mr. Viacava can handle any sex crime case, including those that involve:

  • Rape and statutory rape charges
  • Date rape
  • Sexual assault charges
  • Luring or enticing a child
  • Child pornography
  • Child molestation
  • Solicitation or prostitution

If your specific charge is not in the list above, just call the firm and Mr. Viavaca will see if he can help you.

The Consequences Of A Conviction Are Not Just Criminal Penalties

Sex crimes are prosecuted aggressively and come with severe penalties that may include a lengthy prison sentence, probation, civil commitment, steep fines and mandatory registration in Florida’s sex offender registry, as well as in national registries. In addition, you may find that your life is much more complicated now that you have a criminal record as a sex offender. It is possible that your record will make it hard to:

  • Get employment
  • Find housing
  • See your children
  • Leave the state
  • Lead a normal life

Attorney Viacava understands what you are facing and will work hard to minimize any penalties or consequences. His goal is to get your charges reduced or dismissed. He will let you know what is possible in your specific case after you speak with him.

This Is The Time To Contact A Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

Waiting will only make the situation worse. Set up a free consultation today to discuss your case. Please call Lee Viacava Law Firm in Fort Myers at 239-990-2667 or contact the firm online.