Defending Your Rights Against Complex White Collar Crimes Charges

Criminal defense charges of any kind can be a challenge to overcome, but white collar crime charges may be the most complicated. Due to the very nature of these charges, your criminal defense attorney must be driven, meticulous and committed to you.

At the Lee Viacava Law Firm, you can find the representation you deserve in your criminal defense case. Lee Viacava is prepared to develop a personalized and aggressive defense against your white collar crime charges, no matter how overwhelming they may seem to be. His experience has helped clients throughout Florida in all matters of criminal defense cases, and he is prepared to fight for you.

Preparing A Custom-Tailored Defense

White collar crimes are crimes that do not involve any violence but instead result in illegal financial gain. The consequences of a conviction in Florida can range from up to one year in jail and $1,000 in fines for a misdemeanor to 30 years in prison and up to $30,000 in fines for a first-degree felony.

Lee Viacava has represented clients against a wide variety of these kinds of charges, including:

  • Fraud – Deception to benefit from financial gain
  • Tax evasion – Lying about the details of your taxes and income to minimize what you owe in taxes
  • Embezzlement – Reallocating funds that belong to a business or other institution and using them for private matters
  • Insider trading – Making stock exchanges based on privileged or confidential business information
  • Money laundering – Hiding the origins of money you illegally obtained but shuffling the funds through multiple accounts and businesses
  • Corporate crimes – When an individuals act for the benefit of their company through illegal means

When Lee Viacava takes these cases, he scrutinizes the details in them to pursue building possible defenses like lack of proof, circumstantial evidence, lack of intent or mistake of fact.

If beating your charges is not a realistic option, he can continue to represent you by negotiating for reduced charges or sentencing to minimize the consequences of a conviction or even negotiate to maximize the benefit of a plea deal.

Put Your Defense In Good Hands

When you need someone at your side who can not only understand the nature of your charges but also develop a plan to overcome them, call the Fort Myers office of the Lee Viacava Law Firm at Call or contact them online here. Now is the best time to reach out to a criminal defense lawyer you can depend on, so act today to defend your tomorrow.