Effective Criminal Defense In Naples

Attorney Lee Viacava has built his career on defending the accused. He is a strong believer in the presumption of innocence and the right to a vigorous defense. If you are facing criminal charges in Naples or surrounding communities, you are in good hands with the Lee Viacava Law Firm.

Our lawyer provides a robust defense for DUI and driving offenses, misdemeanors, felonies, juvenile offenses and related matters of criminal law. We maintain an office in Naples near the Collier County Courthouse. Please call us today so that we can take steps to protect your rights and prepare your defense.

We Know The Court Systems Of Southwest Florida

Lee Viacava has spent his career in criminal law. After growing up in southwest Florida, he attended law school in Gainesville before returning here to establish his own law practice. With more than 17 years under his belt, he provides the courtroom experience and local insights you need when your freedom, your livelihood, your reputation and your future are in jeopardy.

From our Naples office, the Lee Viacava Law Firm represents individuals in all surrounding communities of Collier County, such as North Naples, Golden Gate, Vineyards and Marco Island.

Whatever The Charges, We Can Make A Difference

Lee Viacava‘s criminal defense practice spans every type of crime, from lesser misdemeanors to serious felonies that carry hard prison time. He is best known for his skilled management of drunk driving and related charges, whether it is a first-time DUI, an underage DUI, a repeat offense, refusing the breathalyzer test, or driving while suspended for DUI. But we welcome anyone who is charged with a crime or who is under investigation, including:

Put your trust in our knowledgeable and committed legal team. There is no case that is too big for us, and we never take misdemeanor charges lightly.

See our testimonials from satisfied clients.

Tenacious Defense And Respectful Treatment

Attorney Lee Viacava is an award-winning trial lawyer with a long record of dismissals, reduced charges and not-guilty verdicts at trial, as well as thousands of favorable plea negotiations over the years that spared clients from jail, a criminal record or other consequences. He is proactive and aggressive in challenging the prosecution’s evidence and the methods used by police, including Fourth Amendment search and seizure violations.

We never seek the media spotlight. We respect your privacy and try to “fly under the radar” to limit the impact of criminal charges on your employment and standing in the community. Lee Viacava takes his responsibility seriously, providing the best defense he can, without judgment or bias.

Local Legal Help If You Are Not A Naples Resident

We frequently represent people from out-of-state or other Florida jurisdictions who have been arrested while visiting or traveling through the Naples area. When you are far from home, you may not know the laws of Florida or who to call. We will guide you through the court system and make every effort to mitigate the consequences.

Start With A Free, Confidential Consultation

Don’t go to court alone. Don’t give any statements to police officers without first talking to an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Our firm will fiercely protect your rights and start immediately to mount a true defense.

Our Naples office is located at 2681 Airport-Pulling Road, very close to the Juvenile Justice Department and just minutes from the Collier County Courthouse. There are also bail bond providers within walking distance of our law office. Call us without delay at 239-990-2667 or email us with a few details about your situation.
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