What to do when your child faces a criminal charge

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Whether your child is 14 or 40, when you receive a call that they are accused of a crime or arrested, it is always a shock. They asked you if you would help, and of course you said you would.

After the phone call ended, you realized that you too need help. An attorney is the key to making sure you both know what to expect and what to do to best protect your child’s case.

Contacting an attorney is the most important step

At the Lee Viacava Law Firm we often guide clients and their families through criminal proceedings. If your child is facing charges, you should immediately contact an attorney. You cannot resolve this situation yourself, and neither can your child. That is why you need a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney.

Wondering where to find an attorney? A good rule is to retain an attorney from the community where the arrest occurred. This attorney likely is well-acquainted with the area’s judges, prosecutors and law enforcement.

Work together toward positive resolution

The guidance of an attorney is crucial to ensure that you and your child know what to do and avoid mistakes that can impact the case. Getting the advice of an attorney may help get the charges reduced or dismissed. Meanwhile, mistakes like a failed drug test or bond violation likely will lead to drastic consequences.

These are just the first steps to take toward what you hope becomes a positive resolution.